Story of the World: Nomadic People & the Beginning of Societies

We've just begun reading Susan Wise Bauer's book, The Story of the World: Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor. It is teaching history with humor and a fun way of education. This post is about the first part of Bauer's book: the earliest nomads.

About seven thousand years ago, nomads lived VERY old-fashioned. They went from here to there, and slept in either tents or caves. In warm spots, they would sleep in a tent. But if in cold spots, such as a mountaintop, a cave would be their home. Nomads ate plants, roots, nuts, berries and other foods, such as meat and fish. If they'd eaten all the food at "home-base", well, off they would go to a new place. 

The Fertile Crescent was a very good place for nomads to live. It had this name because of its shape and soil. Two rivers, named the Tigris and the Euphrates, ran through the Fertile Crescent, playing a big part in the fertile soil. Rich grass, wild barley and other plantlike things grew there. When the nomads found this place, they saw animals feeding on the food.

I'm loving this book. We also do the workbook and activities together at the same time when we read it out loud. Stay tuned for more chapters as we continue. More importantly... see ME in this video below talking about those crazy nomads.