Coding: Samantha's First HTML Lesson, Morris the Cat

**Note: The below post is made from HTML full coded by Samantha. In this lesson she learned to: use the bold tag, paragraph tags, italics, embed an image, embed a video and create a hyperlink. She also learned about Morris of 9 Lives cat food fame. All work and all words below are via Samantha.**

Morris is one of the most popular shorthaired cats in America. You might remember him from his television ads for 9 Lives Cat Food.

Here is one of his commericals. (and it's a really funny one!)

Finicky Morris has done many things besides television ads. He has appeared on many talk shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Sally Jessy Raphael. He has even been in magazines. Morris is listed as the author for three books about cats and cat health care.

But even though he is famous, he is not a fancy breed of cat. Morris is an American shorthaired tabby, and the color of marmalade.

To learn more about Morris, check out his Facebook page..