Closet Crush: The Real Secret to Marital Happiness...

While some may tell you the secret to a happy marriage is a double vanity sink, I like to think on a larger scale.  A his & hers set of master closets is the way to go. One for the Mr. and one por moi.

What will my dream closet entail? Creamy cabinetry for sure. Not bright white. Not black. Not brown. Cream. Row upon row of shoes (most of which I do not yet own but look forward to acquiring). A stable of pretty dresses ready to come out and play. Think: Rebecca Taylor, Trina Turk, Rachel Roy, Shoshanna, Milly and the like. And enough handbags to open a small museum.  

All that is just icing on the cake, however. My actual plans are more about the architecture of the closet and the features I look forward to seeing come to life. We'll start with the fact that I imagine  a wrought-iron balcony overlooking the pool below. A round tufted ottoman beneath a glistening chandelier for sitting & chatting with girlfriends or my daughters (or both) while we giggle and solve the world's problems. I want natural light. I know most will discourage this for fear of fading the clothing, but I'll deal with that threat in other ways. A girl has to pick her battles, after all ;) 

Visit more of my dream closet ideas on Pinterest.   Image above via this pin