Coveted Pieces: The Parisian Garment Rack...


Some things in life are guaranteed. Death, taxes and my personal ongoing desire to edit, edit and edit again my closet. Over the past decade I have purchased numerous wardrobe racks from well-meaning suppliers. Sometimes I've ordered from upscale catalogs, other times I rolled the dice on Amazon, other times I ordered from commercial vendors in hopes of discovering "the one.".

Without fail, every time I was disappointed to discover a flimsy structure that could barely support itself, much less the weight of the items I'd hoped to hang while I photographed them for auction sites or steamed them before giving to a girlfriend. All of these were promptly returned, donated or tossed in the dumpster. 

And then I spied a piece so pretty, so special and so gorgeously utilitarian that I might just need to make it my own. Enter: the Emily & Merritt wardrobe rack from PB Teen. Yes, you read that right. Pottery Barn Teen. Designed by the team behind fashion brand Current Elliott, this Parisian inspired piece holds shoes, long dresses and all pretty little things your heart desires. Rather than an unsightly faux-chrome contraption that falls whenever you so much as glance its way, this sturdy frame is made from iron tubing with cast iron detail. Bottom line: this baby is built to last and gorgeous to boot. Yes, I will be adding this piece to my life to make eBaying easier and those fashion swap parties more stylish. 

Grab yours before this limited edition item disappears. Bonus: free shipping today on all non-furniture PB Teen orders!