Destinations: Escape to the Isle of Capri...

There's no question that Capri is one of the world's most magical places. On your first visit it will seem as though you are in a dream state, walking through a delicious creation of your unbridled subconscious imagination. Impossibly, this picturesque island paradise does indeed exist. Blooming bougainvillea climb stone walls with perfect patina. Endless views of the azure horizon abound. Boats of all sizes and pedigrees rock back and forth in the port. Lemon groves taunt you with their lively scent and the promise of zesty creations they generously produce. Everyone you encounter is happy, smiling and enjoying themselves. 

If ever there was a place to escape from your current reality, Capri is surely it. Our first journey to this living paradise was on a foggy morning. The atmosphere adding the the surreal experience, this Italian vacation destination was dripping with intrigue and surprises. We meandered down curved paths leading to unknown outlooks. We gasped at the occasional view down the dizzying cliffside. We popped into cafes for refueling. Window shopped for scarves and handmade shoes from charming cobblers. We considered the purchase of unnecessary but somehow justified overpriced designer sunglasses on offer from passionate Italian grandmothers. We gazed out at the craggy rocks dotting the watery landscape. We pondered how such a place could possibly exist and be inhabited by charming residents. 

Fast forward to the next year, we visited again with intent. As a couple, we were mentally prepared and by this time far more seasoned travelers. Surely this fantastical place would seem less like a fictional backdrop and more like a cute tourist trap. Amazingly and gratefully, Capri did not disappoint. On that trip we took the ferry from Sorrento not once, not twice, but three times to visit. Each time we stepped off the boat it was as if we had walked into a dream sequence. A few hours of bliss on a breezy and visually stunning Italian isle does wonders for the soul. 

Should you have the opportunity to walk those cobblestone streets, do not miss the chance. For a special treat, stay a night or two on this magical isle. The J.K. Place Capri is a glamorous choice overlooking the Grand Marina giving you first glimpse at those Rivas and fishermen pulling into bay. Its attentive staff will make you feel like Jackie O. herself as you sip your limoncello watching the sun set over the Mediterranean. The elegant decor will whisk you away to a fanciful state of mind only befitting this dreamy destination. Stroll into town for an evening meal and a bit of shopping. Take a private cruise to see the shore from the waters. Let your mind run free with possibilities and the realization that this moment is really happening. 

The truth is, Capri is not large by any means. What it lacks in scale it more than makes up for in intrigue and natural beauty. It is an escape from the normalcy of life and a detour on the path to wherever you might be going next. But I cannot wait to visit again and while away the time with the lightly lemon scented breeze blowing my hair back from my face. It is enchanting. In Capri anything is possible... if only for a night or two.