Holidays: One More Sleep Until Christmas...

Only one more sleep until Christmas morning! Today will be filled with quick stops to get last minute goodies and take in the aura of the lights everywhere we go. Tonight I love taking one last cruise through our favorite neighborhoods all solled up for the holidays while sipping cocoa and oohing and ahhing over the spectacle of lights. After the girls finally fall sleep I'll be able to begin the flurry of gift wrapping and prepping for the big morning ahead.

Finally... it's here. Christmas! The only thing I have not squeezed into my schedule yet is my annual viewing of Love Actually. This becomes much more difficult with children in the house since most of that movie is very NOT kid friendly. Perhaps once they sleep I'll indulge and take in every emotional moment of it. Ahhh... Christmas Eve. Truly my favorite night of the year. 

I don't know how your year was, but 2014 has gone by far too fast. Boom! It's gone. Once the beauty and light of Christmas Day has slipped past I plan to spend the week being intentional and reassessing life goals both large and small. I'm not letting 2015 go by in a pink and gold blur. Will you?

Until then... make today merry and bright and help make someone's Christmas extra special. Give, give, give and the joy you've been looking for will suddenly be present in your life.