Mind & Body: My Daily "Feel Fabulous" Essentials...


Life. It requires great health. For all my fashion longings and interior design needs, when it comes down to a life well lived it boils down to feeling vibrant in body, mind and spirit. Having the desire to move and the energy to propel you and the mindset of endless possibilities: this what living the good life is truly all about. 

I wanted to distill in a single post a few of my daily necessities that fuel me. 

The goal here isn't perfection, but it is about eating "clean" and avoiding most if not all processed foods. I tend to favor fresh greens, organic meat & poultry and a smattering of berries and nuts throughout the day. I consume fruits in moderation, leaning towards the citrus variety. Sweets are not something I crave, but I do enjoy my coffee and tea with stevia. Giving up Splenda was a major 2014 accomplishment and I could not be more proud of that life-altering improvement. 

When it comes to maximizing my nutrition, I am endlessly grateful to the team at ALOHA for letting me do a 30 day trial in front of all of you. That month of nutrient-dense supplements and foods pushed me through a uniquely challenging month. As a result, I'm now a fan for life and a subscription customer of their Daily Good. What is it? A powdered green drink loaded with a remarkably diverse ingredient list (think: trumpet mushrooms, spirulina, red sea salt, wild blueberries, organic wheatgrass, Hawaiian ginger and Moringa) all in one portable little pouch. Add to water or mix it in with anything you wish. This wondrous little addition to my life an my diet is a small health miracle. My preferred blend is rich and yummy chocolate, but it comes in original and berry flavor as well. Enjoy a free trial & see if you don't fall in love as well. {Please note: although I was sent a sample box from ALOHA at no charge, all opinions are my own! This is one product I sought out on my own after doing research. I asked them to let me try it out and share my results. As it turns out, their quality is exceptional and I'm a huge fan!} 


I'll be perfectly frank here and tell you that I value physical fitness very highly. I don't see it as a luxury but a personal responsibility to achieve and maintain a high level of personal health and wellness. For me this used to mean cardio kickboxing and weight lifting. These days I revel in vinyasa flow yoga and long hilly walks outdoors. Yoga has helped me achieve the level of fitness I've always desired and somehow made it remarkably easy to stay trim and fit. But it's not about looks only: I can't tell you how much more energetic, confident and happy I am now that I've stopped the endless gym sessions, intense cardio workouts and early morning gym classes.

You've heard the phrase move it or lose it. It's true. It's critical to move that body of yours every day. You may not have heard this: you're only as young as your spine. Ask anyone hunched over due to age and inactivity. They will tell you that loss of spinal mobility is a cruel experience. Get moving. Find an activity you truly love and do it as much as you can. It's more about overall wellness, enjoyment and feeling really connected to my thoughts and my body. I don't ever want to be a slave to the gym again. Ever. My new method of staying fit is far more freeing, enjoyable and beneficial in ways I could never have imagined. Find your fitness passion and pursue it relentlessly. 

No getting around this one. If you're not drinking enough you simply won't look or feel as fabulous as you'd prefer. When I'm well hydrated my skin is more plump, more radiant and more amazing. My energy is also higher and my eyes are more bright. All thanks to simply drinking sufficient water. In my case, three liters a day seems to work. Many a supermodel has touted the virtues of consuming adequate water for keeping hair and skin supple and youthful. Who are we to argue with Victoria's Secret Angels? Drink up. 

Yes. Sleep. Adequate sleep, restful, peaceful sleep is key. All of the above factors play together to make a night of well-deserved sleep possible. Eat right, move your body and drink up that filtered water and you'll be prepped for a night of shut eye. Invest in the very best mattress and bedding you can afford and don't underestimate the value of a silk eye mask. (I can't sleep without these Cris Notti silk masks.

It might sound silly, but it's been proven again and again that a good laugh and a steady diet of hugs each in their own way work to heal the body. Take a few moments each day to get a good solid hugging session in with someone (or lots of someones) in your life. Squeeze your babies (even the fur variety) and show some love. The endorphin boost is good for you and alters your body chemistry.

In terms of humor, laughter really is the best medicine. Science reveals that a good guffaw can often cure what doctors cannot. In short, you can't afford NOT to find the funny in your daily life. Find what makes you laugh out loud (for reals) and guiltlessly enjoy it. 

Live well, sleep well, feel well. Here's to hoping 2015 is a banner year for all of us. I don't know about you, but I'm looking to make significant changes to my personal life to ensure that this next year doesn't fly by in a dull blur the way this one did. Don't get me wrong - it was great - but where on earth did my year go? 2015 is all about living to the max and living my truth. Living more fully. Loving more truly. Enjoying each day more authentically. I wish the same for you!