Color Crush: Amazing Amethyst

In junior high I began the process of designing and redesigning my bedroom. Once I attempted to build a platform for my canopy - as if a princess bed needed even more pronounced height. This was not a success. Another time I took black spray paint to make a pattern on a large piece of coral fabric in hopes of giving a new look to what I thought was an unsightly table. These two were abysmal failures, but easily earned me an A+ for effort.

My most memorable early interior moment was related to paint selection. Ahhh, color! It holds tremendous power.

What I believed would be a barely-there soft shade of lavender on my walls was in fact a murderous mauve. Pure awfulness. Worse get, I believe we had drapes to match. It was a bit much. As a result, it's taken me years to warm up to almost every shade of purple, plum, lilac, lavender and amethyst on the spectrum.

Today, miraculously, any remaining scar from this primitive paint session has vanished. I now see amethyst (and the full range of regal derivatives of purple) to be among of the sexiest & more sophisticated of shades. After all, it's not what we do but how we do it that matters. Used properly, any color can shine like a star.


Have you yourself recovered from a previous emotional association for a color? I will say that my complete turnaround fascinates even me. What I once found repulsive I now find downright luxurious. It is, of course, historically the color of royalty and society's elite... so I suppose I could only harbor ill will against it for so long. Now I find myself craving more of it in my life.

I've recently added deep amethyst velvet pillows to my living room. It has deepened my appreciation for the sensual properties of the shade. I don't see any plum-related paint coming to my life anytime soon, but I'm learning to never say never when it comes to colors. There's a right way to incorporate everything into your life - no matter how much you once protested it.

{image credits: pinterest}