Culinary Pursuits: Breakfast...

Over the course of the past few years I altered my food intake completely. My beef is grass-fed, my eggs are free range brown, I'm gluten-free and milk (if I drink it) is organic and whole. And let's not forget the butter... it's now real butter. Kerrygold Irish butter, to be exact. Before you write me off as a saint, trust that this is the norm and I do eat the occasional cupcake or croissant. But by and large I'm come to realize that it isn't just the type food you eat, but the trusted source of the food. 

In addition to my organic farm-to-table food sources, I also have made major changes in the way I prepare meals. Gone are the days of the microwave. I now heat foods in a toaster oven. We said see ya later to the toxic pans. Most of our meat is grilled outdoors.  

All of that is great for dinner. But what about my favorite meals? I do harbor a certain weakness for breakfast. I could eat the first meal of the day all day, every day. Given the choice, I always opt for a broccoli & egg white omelette with toast. Mmmmm mmmm. This is my perfect breakfast. 

How do I prepare it? It's quite simple, actually. 

The Perfect Egg White & Broccoli Omelette

Steam broccoli florettes & chop into smaller bits
Heat non-stick pan (I prefer these)
Add extra virgin olive oil once pan is heated
Toss in broccoli to lightly sear
Add three to four egg whites
Let eggs turn white before carefully turning over
lightly brown both sides
fold & slide onto plate
add sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

The more adventurous of you can easily add in extra veggies such as spinach and diced tomatoes. You may also wish to toss in a handful of feta to make it a bit more indulgent. I love mine just as described with two pieces of this bread or this one toasted to a golden brown in the Breville with the above mentioned butter on top.

This is my idea of heavenly breakfast perfection. What do you eat each morning? Are you a breakfast fan as well?