Culinary Pursuits: Mongolian Beef...


This afternoon I discovered Creme de la Crumb's homemade version of PF Chang's Mongolian Beef. As you may know from reading, I prefer my beef grass-fed and my meals gluten-free. You certainly won't get that at a chain restaurant. Making this (and any) dish at home gives me control over ingredients, portions and sugar/sodium levels. With small children in the house, food allergies are a concern as is convenience. Hence, recreating favorite meals at home is both enjoyable and preferable. 

How difficult is it? The ingredients and steps are fairly simple. Procure the best flank steak you can buy. Whip up that signature sauce. Mix, serve over rice. Viola! For an even faster preparation method, we love using this jasmine rice. I've not actually tested the recipe yet, but you can bet my little judges are eager for me to give it a whirl this coming weekend. 

What about you. Do you have any restaurant recipes you love to recreate at home?