Luxe Accommodations: Kid and Coe...

Travel with children is an entirely new experience. With one I felt limited. With two I feel determined. Nothing is going to stop my insatiable need to roam the earth. I will concede that it's far easier to convince the Mr. to hope on a flight to a domestic location. Even better if said location is a high end rental property where we can truly unwind and settle into a vacation frame of mind. Enter: Kid and Coe, family vacation rentals with you and your brood in mind. Homes and locations are vetted for their tot-friendly nature and proximity to things you (and your mini-you's) will love doing. 

Fear not... you won't find yourself in a home across town. These are incredible properties all over the globe. Think: Vienna, Laguna Beach (my personal favorite on the domestic front), the Greek Islands and beyond. This is VRBO and Airbnb for those of us with little ones in tow. 

Do you know what this means? No. More. Excuses.