Feeling Bookish: Kasler's Timeless Style...

As I continue to study my copy of Suzanne Kasler's Timeless Style - the newest book from this petite design powerhouse -  I am reminded of how much I love her work. She has a "light" touch when it comes to design, allowing the often delicate forms of the furniture to be the star. Her portfolio of projects never looks contrived or "overdecorated" in the least. Her aesthetic isn't eclectic, by any means... but neither is it forced. 

I share her love of French furniture mixed with modern art. It is playful and witty and somehow sublime. I love her subtle color palette with her occasional burst of "wow" color. Oranges, aqua and occasionally lavender. All so lovely. Regular readers will readily know that I share her passion for an abundance of gold accents. (Hey, if it was good enough for the Egyptians.... ;) 

In Timeless Style, Suzanne shares glossy page after glossy page of a private guided tour of her favorite projects. Notes are offered on why a specific table shape was selected or a passion for de Gournay wallpaper. We see not only glimpses of her own Atlanta home, but up close views of spectacular rooms she has designed for clients. 

There's a warmth to her work, I think. There is perfection to be found in the imperfection of heirloom pieces. There is personality to be celebrated in a quirky collection of unusual objects. I get the sense that she never fights a client if they are committed to keeping a particular piece of furniture - she might even relish the challenge. 

Stay tuned for the full review of her new book, as well as an interview with the divine Mrs. Kasler and many, many more photos of her lovely professional work. in the meantime I might encourage you to grab your copy of this lovely volume here.

If you have not read Inspired Interiors, toss a copy of that into your cart as well. All of her books are rich with information and key design insights. 

{all images via Pinterest}