Out & About: Hickory Chair Book Signing...

Moi, Alexa, Manvi & Crystal. 

Moi, Alexa, Manvi & Crystal. 

Few things are better than a tour through the Hickory Chair showroom at Market. This particular brand offers furniture I swoon over each and every time I visit. The only thing that can top wandering through the spectacular showroom? Having an all-star book signing with the designers themselves in the house. Hello, fabulous!

I've professed my gushing love for Suzanne Kasler again and again. She is an icon for me. Trust me when I tell you that Mariette, Thomas and Alexa are total rockstars. Mariette offers undeniable glamour and innovation in her products and designs, Thomas is (in my opinion) an intellectual force to be reckoned with and Alexa is a powerhouse of energy, with and starpower. Yes, that is me above (far left) with the lovely, lively and glamorous Alexa. Love her!! 

All four are accomplished designers, furniture designers and authors. This fall fans (like moi) are in for a treat as there are books GALORE coming out to be added to my collection. The signing will give you the opportunity to meet these powerhouses and have your hardback copies of their latest volumes signed. Love!

So if you are headed to High Point in just a few short weeks you'd better carve out time on your calendar for what will no doubt be an amazing book signing event. It is not to be missed!