Musings: On Inspired Living...

I could recap my evening at the Hickory Chair showroom in Dallas... but suffice it to say I am more enamored with Suzanne and her marvelous (new!) collection for the brand than ever. She is gracious, warm and exudes an effortless glamour we can all only hope to achieve. Her furnishings, like the talented designer herself, exude a feminine grace and attention to detail so fine as to go almost unnoticed. But to those with an eye for details (raising hand) there is much to see. I left inspired, enriched and happy. While my list of Kasler items continues to grow, so does my appreciation of how very hard she's worked to arrive at her station.

The recent pandemic of our generation - and entire species -is that we're all looking for the easy score, the quick fix, the fast rise to the top. But without merit and a foundation of excellence it will never have legs. I see a business like Suzanne's - a brand, a business, an empire, really - and I have to pause and appreciate the years of effort she invested in herself and her craft.

My recent move to Dallas has given me time to reflect on my business and my talents. As Suzanne shared details on how she got her start, it became clear I should continue to follow my heart and my true passion. There will always be others looking into your life and telling you what you "should do" or "need to do" - but anytime I've chased someone else's dream and mistaken it for my own I've been unhappy. It's time to distill the idea down to it's purest form and pursue it with fearless fervor.

The great truth of life is that you'll never compromise your way to happiness. The relentless pursuit of your dreams - and really, only YOU know what dreams your heart contains - is what you must focus on. It will drive you to work harder, laugh harder and enjoy the process. 

It's a lot to take from a book signing at a designer showroom, but life is funny that way. You never know where or when your truth will rise to the surface.

If you haven't yet purchased a copy, do yourself a favor and snap up Inspired Interiors. And if Suzanne comes to your area for a signing event, RSVP. Especially if it's at a Hickory Chair showroom. Otherwise, you can purchase a signed copy online.

{Fantastic images above of Suzanne's Atlanta office, featured in May 2010's Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine.}