The Art of Living: 5 Ways to Be Happier...

Need a few quick ways to feel happy? I'm all about channeling energy into something positive or creating momentum when none exists. Ready for five of my surefire tips? Here goes...

1. Feel an inner urge to chase a dream? Don't hesitate!
Stop what you're doing and book that class, buy that ticket, make that call - whatever that first small step is - take action NOW to put your life in motion towards achieving what your heart desires. The simple act of taking a meaningful step towards doing and completing something you've been putting off (or were previously afraid of starting) will fill you with a natural thrill and enliven your body and mind. Do it. It feels so good you'll notice you feel more bold in a wide range of areas of you life. This snowball effect is incredible and will open you to many serendipitous moments. Just do it. 

2. Cherish your "ride or die" relationships. 
There are certain friends & family members that are there for you no matter what. No matter what. These are your anchors in life. Draw near to them and invest a significant part of your life in furthering those relationships. Be there for them with the same intensity. These people are rare indeed! Dig in to them and don't forget to hug them. Hugging is good for you and essential to your satisfaction in life. 

3. Learn to say no without guilt.
Simple fact: you cannot do it all. Time does not allow us to agree to every invitation that crosses our threshold or accept every project that tempts us with its shiny gold coins. You simply must choose wisely and commit to those things that you value most. 

4. Move your body. 
Sorry, lazy bones. You need to dust off your dancing shoes and get moving. Yoga, running CrossFit, tango lessons... something must lure you off the sofa and into an intense session of moving that body. Motion = emotion and I promise you the healthy endorphins that will flow through your body will be all the reassurance you need that you need to shake that booty more often. 

5. Laugh with reckless abandon. 
Find the humor in life and let the uncontrollable urge to laugh rise up and out. Studies have demonstrated again and again that laughter is indeed the best medicine. Need help? YouTube is loaded with humorous clips and cray cray silliness. Go get your giggle on. 

6: Let the sun shine. 

There's no disputing the mood elevating effects of sunshine. Whether it's restoring your supply of natural vitamin D or simply feeling those warm rays on your face, make it a point every day to get out in nature and feel the freedom of the wind in your hair. Extra points if you can get your daily workout session on in the great outdoors. Be it a trail, a sidewalk, a rooftop or simply your 2 block stroll to get coffee, step outside EVERY day to let the sun kiss your face. It loves you.