Hair: I'm With the Band...

{image via  Pinterest  by way of  All Women Talk }

{image via Pinterest by way of All Women Talk}

It is ALL about the headband for me right now. It must be the sheer relief of the temperature dropping ten degrees. I can finally wear my hair down without needing to keep an elastic band handy for a mid-day pony. 

For several days I've been channeling my inner Brigitte Bardot as I don a black headband. Emboldened (and convinced it works perfectly with my length at the moment) I'm in search of better bands. Here are a few of my favorites as well as my styling "assistants" to achieve the smooth blowout necessary for the Bardot 'do...


Make no mistake: your hair will be on full display with a banded style. A proper blowout is key. Think: smooth with volume. I do not flatiron with this look. Instead I love a round brush, root boosting mousse and a tress taming session with my blow dryer. 


The world is your oyster here. Personally I love the full circle style (technically a head wrap) versus a stiff headband. I find I can wear it all day without risk of a headache and it actually holds my hair back. It also offers the smoothing at the hairline that "makes" the look for me. I prefer the band medium thickness and mostly (if not all) black, but if you love the full-on gypsy with a sizable knot look, by all means... do it! This is one area where you should feel free to experiment. There are some gorgeous jeweled options out there I can't wait to try. All of these are super affordable.

And that's the key to the look, girls. For me this has been a great face framing transition into fall beauty and I am loving the no-nonsense style. I can wear it all day without any maintenance and it is absolutely helping me channel my inner French bombshell.

Good luck to you as you do the same! xoxo

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