Flights of Fancy: Leaving it all Behind for Paris...

You know those moments in life when you think: what if we just sold it all and moved to our favorite vacation destination? What if we owned less and lived more? What if we could find the idea Paris apartment with white boiserie living the walls and those dreamy whitewashed floors? What if instead of a closet I had an armoire or a rolling rack or had to decorate my space using my dresses and shoes? The girls would play in the parks of Paris. Mr. Venti and I would live on a perpetual date in the City of Light. How hard could it possibly be? After all, in the digital age we rarely see our clients and are never out of touch. 

Surely we'd pick up the language and it's many subtleties. Surely we'd eventually shed our American ways and begin to feel less like expats and more like Parisians as the weeks turned to months turned to years. In time we'd speak the language with ease and master the nuances of living as Americans in Paris. The stuff of pure fantasy of course. Or is it? 

I read many accounts online of those who've ditched their traditional life in favor of one wholly different. Some friends of ours recently took the leap and moved to abroad. Others I know have "slow traveled" extensively and ultimately settled down in the city of their choice - often back here in the states. European cities are filled with expats, many of whom blog and are willing to share their hiccups and their successes freely with all who care (or dare) to learn. 

For all our travels and for as much as I've adored every city, there is always a sweet satisfaction in coming home. Our lives are filled with such conveniences and domestic comforts we take for granted. Supermarkets, for one. Basic and boring until you're without them. And why is the return home so sweet? If "home" were a Paris apartment would not that return feel just as amazing? Perhaps better? If positioned in France, your travel time and expense to other European cities is reduced so greatly. "Getting away" to Greece might be no big deal. Popping over to London not such a feat. It is thrilling to think about. Terrifying, but thrilling nonetheless.

What about you? Could you move? Would you shed the layers of your present life to do so? Have you ever fantasized about it? Most importantly... where would you go first?