Closet Crush: The Texas Triple Decker....

Few closets have garnered quite as much press as Theresa Roemer's three-story structure in Houston. From glowing praise to police report chaos, this fashion lover's paradise has seen it's fair share of front page coverage.

Controversy aside, the former Miss Texas has an impressive collection of bags, shoes and accessories worthy of pixel space and admiration. What I really appreciate about this closet is Roemer's dedication to the art of display and care. It shocks me when I see well made goods treated poorly. Why shell out for $900 shoes if you don't plan to put them in a small shrine once you've brought them home? For this, Theresa scores major points. Her gorgeous closet is well-lit, organized and beautifully designed. Getting ready must be an absolute joy. 

Covet some of her Neiman Marcus goodies? Don't we all. Here are a few of my favorites from her stunning dressing room.