Closet Crush: Bright Closets & Pretty Dressing Rooms...

Every woman alive (or at least all the females in my circle of friends & family) is a fan of dressing up and then admiring her prized acquisitions. As noted many times before, I'm obsessive about how I store my bags and shoes and... okay, well everything. Everything in its place, you know? I'm grateful that I love my closet design and the order it affords me.

So I love randomly stumbling upon boards made by those equally appreciative of closets and dressing rooms with as much fabulous style as adherence to color blocking and other methods of artfully displaying a personal wardrobe. Books, flowers , trays, and golden accessories are all part of the style package. A few of my favorites from the board are above including several from fellow blogger Rach Purcell whose combo dressing room/office was designed by one of my favorite firms: Alice Lane Home

Clearly designs like these aren't for everyone. For me it feels like stepping into your favorite boutique - one where you own everything in sight. But for those not so tidy (or perhaps blessed with borderline OCD) an "open" design like these might not be your dream. Visible displays of your precious wares is wonderful if you're happy to keep it the way God intended it to be: clean.

Added benefits (beyond the glowing mood boost such a pretty space imparts) are plenty. First, seeing everything you presently own at a glance it makes plotting future purchases easy. One glance and you can identify what's missing or what you'd love to add. On a daily basis you benefit from convenience. Stepping into the dressing room with everything you love at your fingertips and visible for perusal instantly upgrades your style capabilities merely by granting you visual access. Wake up, walk in, feel inspired, get dressed. What's not to love? 

So, borderline OCD readers... enjoy these spaces as much as I do and find yourself inspired to create your own gloriously glamorous space within your home. 

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