Musings: On Embracing Your Inner Icon...

{Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh for David Yurman // via  Pinterest }

{Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh for David Yurman // via Pinterest}

Like it or not, someone somewhere has you on a pedestal. Someone, be it your best friend, your daughter, your co-worker or your mom thinks you are amazing. And guess what? You are. There is something remarkable about you that sets you apart from everyone around you. You have a unique gift - perhaps a handful of them - that makes you amazing. Downpllay it or showcase it, it's there. Your shining qualities radiate and should never be hidden. Your gifts should never go unused or underdeveloped. 

While many are out there embracing the selfie stick and showing the world how and why they think they are awesome, others of you are almost waiting for permission to be awesome. You're almost waiting for a formal invitation to reveal your full self to the world. 

Let's go back to the fact that someone sees you as an icon, and someone to look up to and admire. You owe it to them (but even more so to yourself) to live up to your full potential. Your role here isn't to compare yourself to others. Your only mission is the evolve into the very best version of yourself that you possibly can. We do this by trying and failing. We do this by making mistakes. We do this by allowing ourselves to try new things and to confidently move the ball in the direction of our dreams. We do this through action. We achieve i through allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to grow. It takes action and a willingness to be slightly uncomfortable in that growth. But, perhaps more reassuring, we do it by following our instincts. 

My challenge to you this weekend: embrace your inner light and be a beacon of light in your own life. Be positive. Be happy. Be in love with life. Embrace this day and each moment. And most of all - embrace you and what sets you apart from everyone else. Rise to the challenge of living a life less ordinary and not ever - ever - blending in with the crowd. Follow your own instincts and become the memorable "you" you're meant to become.