Mind & Body: My Fitness "Feel Good" Essentials...

The Super Elixir Powdered Superfood

My favorite forms of fitness activities don't require much - if any - equipment. A willing mind and a somewhat able body are often all that are required to get your body moving and your blood pumping. That said... fitness apparel and activity-specific accessories have evolved into chic accoutrements and desirable things of late. It's hard to resist those cute shirred leggings & cashmere-soft wrap tops on the scene. 

I'm a purist in the yoga studio: cropped leggings & a bra top or bra tank are all that are needed. Walking (another activity I adore) is another purist pursuit: great shoes being the only real required gear. But let's face it, fresh fitness outfits in our closets quickly put us in the mood to get our sweat on. They instantly get us in the mindset of a killer workout - whatever your activity of choice might be - and a new heart-pumping playlist. Below are a few of my favorite feel good essentials to get your read in gear this year...



The Super Elixir Powdered Superfood // Falke Ergonomic Bra Top // Lisa Marie Fernandez Wrap Top /Weargrace Leggings // Yoga Mat // NIke Printed Shoes // Nike Leggings 2.0 // Alexander Wang Stripe Bra Top // Spanx Racerback Tank // Falke Sport Top

Clearly I love me some black basics. But when it comes to shoes? I don't think twice about a bold shoe - especially if the rest of the look is pared down. Stick to classics and a solid foundation of great pieces, then mix in variety (and a little leopard action) on accessories. Besides, you'll be tossing those kicks to the curb soon with all that CrossFit you've committed to doing this year. Right?!? 

As for what excercizes to do... that's up to you. As you know I've found great joy and even better results from my vinyasa yoga practice. I love it. I absolutely love it. It's intense. It pushes me. It improves me.  It keeps me fit with minimal time. I also get my heart racing with long walks in super hilly areas (bonus: I get to enjoy great scenery & a killer workout at the same time). I'm no longer a slave to a trainer at the gym or even a specific location. My workout is wherever I am at the moment. This is super freeing to a workout lover like myself. 

The awesome Super Elixir above? I've been on to this supermodel beauty & wellness secret for a while.  imagine all of those super foods packed into an easily enjoyed little powder. Mmmm hmm. Drink it daily in juice, water or a smoothie & you're on your way to looking and feeling vibrant, alive and absolutely radiant. 

What do you do for fitness pleasure? Is it working for you? Are you committed to trying new things this year? Need some playlist recommendations?