Buon Weekend: For the Love of Saturdays...

Some weeks we really earn these days off, don't we? While productive, I have to admit much of my week was filled with stress. It's clear I need to hit the reset button on my emotions and spend a bit of time unplugged for these two days. This weekend I commit to drinking plenty of filtered water, moving my body, eating foods that nourish, reading printed pages (not digital ones), soaking in the fall sunshine, breathing fresh air and enjoying my offline conversations with those around me. Sounds divine, doesn't it?

I hope you are able to carve out time to reset your mood as well. Hit pause. Reboot body mind and soul. Try something new - or try to do nothing at all. Do what it takes to make these to days restore your soul before Monday rolls around. Investing in yourself is always a wise investment. 

Recharge. Reset. Reward yourself! xoxo