Loving: Thin Is In When It Comes to Jewelry...

One glance at any fall/winter fashion guide and you'll quickly observe that thin, layered strands of gold are where it's at.  Every bit as statement making as their chunky counterparts, these delicate, dangling pieces offer movement and sensuality that larger bands of metal simply cannot. While many are in the game, Lana is in my opinion the premier player in this specific category. The "queen of hoops" excels at elegant strands, lanky lariats, fringy favorites and earrings that promise to never ever weigh down your lobes. Make no mistake - these feather-weight pieces offer heavy-hitting style. 

I had the pleasure to meet the designer herself at my nearby Neiman Marcus last year. To say she is driven is such an understatement. As an entrepreneur, I love finding others with that sizzling fire burning in their soul.  There is no mistaking a star that won't be stopped, and Lana exudes that undeniable trailblazing vibe.

Her jewelry collection was born of the idea that there should be a category of fine jewelry that women could (and would) buy for themselves. Initially her concept was to offer glamorous 14 karat earrings and other pieces at price point that allowed women to guiltlessly add them to their wardrobe. 



The "Blake" Necklace

As the brand's success has blossomed and legions of devotees (I'm looking at you J. Lo & Gwen), the line has expanded to include very special pieces. Strands of diamonds, opulent rings and sexy hand lariats. Those lower priced pieces can still be found, but you'll be happy to know there are aspirational pieces in the mix as well. Doesn't hurt to reach for the diamond studded stars, right? 

The icing on the cake? The brunette bombshell has even starred in her own print and video campaigns. She's truly a creative and business force to be reckoned with. If ever #girlboss deserved to be declared, Lana has earned that title. 

Here she offers insight into her design process and creative inspiration: 

The lesson here? If you have a dream, stick with it. Be bold. Define what "it" is you're after and relentlessly pursue it. Ask for exactly what you want and don't take no for an answer. A one-woman vision is now a wildly successful line of jewelry available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. She and her talented team have built a glistening, shimmering empire that continues to dazzle, inspire and blossom. 

If you have that same fire in you, that familiar burning need to blaze new trails... don't let anyone pour water on it. Throw on the gasoline and tell the world to watch out. And it won't hurt if you rock a few thin gold strands and heels while you do it. Success can be stylish, you know!