Entertaining: Clever Uses for The Impossibly Versatile Bar Cart...


Even those of us not sipping cocktails on the regular can see the myriad virtues of the movable feast that is the bar cart. For some it's about moving it front and center for a festive soiree. For others it's a sophisticated spot to decant wine. Still others might find this do-anything, be-anything, go-anywhere piece of furniture to be the perfect bedside table. 


It does not get more versatile than sleek shelves on a
chic rolling cart. Cocktail enthusiasts may love the intended
purpose, but these multi-tasking beauties can live in
any room of the house. Think: posh towel & toiletry stand or a glam
way to store handbags. Yes, handbags. Perhaps a stunning office supply
area or fab bedside table? The right cart does it all. The choice... is up to you.


I'm showing you my favorites in every conceivable style. Whether you're classic or avant garde, there's a cart here for you. Here's what to consider when purchasing: 

  1. Purpose: what's your goal? Drink serving station or mobile bookcase? As in most things, go in knowing your desired outcome. 
  2. Style: with options in every size and shape, determine your desired look and hunt for pieces that pull that look together or make an otherwise "done" space really sing. 
  3. Size: it matters. And in this case it matters a lot. Bar carts are opportunities to fill that tiny niche in your hall or nestle in the corner of your bath. Know the exact scale you need. 
  4. Function: If you're investing in this chic piece as a destination for those bath towels, measure them and make certain they'll fit. Likewise, if you intend to load it up with bottles of bubbly, consider how the construction and design support those goals. 

Let's face it... what you also want from this is wow factor. This is a FUN purchase! Invest in a bar cart that makes you excited every time you see it. You'll be using this and seeing it all the time, so seek out one that you adore. This single piece of furniture will garner more compliments and be put to great use. This is one home accent piece that pays you back tenfold in compliments and years of use. Select one you absolutely love. Ready to jump in? Me too! Let's find your perfect piece...




I'm a classicist at heart, so a brass rectangular cart will always win me over. I love the idea of using these as a super chic way to store towels & pretty toiletries in a master bath. Love to entertain? Push this baby out to the party area and serve up cocktails until the sun rises again. 




Those smoothed out edges are ideal for niches, tight corners or high traffic areas. Design tip: don't be afraid to use these as unexpected (yet wildly useful) bedside tables for guests. The glass tops make them ideal for resting water glasses. 



I love the idea of having a dramatic piece - perhaps the dramatic chrome modern cart or that bold brass circular version - to stir up curiosity and intrigue at your next fete. 





Which cart would you choose and how would you utilize it? I love seeing new, innovative purposes for classic pieces. Although designed to move the party about your home, I really, really love the idea of not using them for cocktails at all. Nightstands, toiletries & glamorous towel racks are perfect uses for these expertly crafted pieces. How will you use yours? 

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