Destinations: The Wintery Appeal of All Things Palm Beach Chic...

If you've not yet discovered the joy that is the winter jaunt to Florida, you've been missing out. It's at about this time every year I begin longing for those tall waving palms, white sand beaches and Worth Avenue. While I've enjoyed the sandy shores before, this year feels especially right for the preppy chic style feast that Palm Beach affords.  

For you snowbirds, I'd love to suggest you treat yourself to an extended stay at the one and only The Breakers. It's a classic for good reason with celebs and everyday style-seekers making annual visits to this oceanfront property. Golf, upscale accommodations and every amenity one hopes to find within those 120-year old grounds. It's simply a must at least once.

But let's just say you're more the sleek boutique hotel type. You won't be able to resist the appeal of The Tideline Hotel just steps from the Breakers and also right on the beach. Formerly the Omphoy, this hotel blends modern sultry design with Balinese intrigue for a stay that is at once sexy and posh. 

To busy to hop on a Virgin America flight? Grab a copy of Palm Beach Chic, Jennifer Ash Rudick's hardcover homage to the area's most wondrous residences. I have been devouring those book for a few months, but as the cold settles into Dallas I'm suddenly transfixed with its colorful imagery and cheery estates. 

To get you in the mood for those sunny afternoons on Worth Avenue (or to substitute for them) I'll dazzle your eyes with inspired picks that will conjure the vibe of this unique tropical haven where the rich and perhaps not-so-famous enjoy the sunshine. 


Planning a getaway? Don't miss the packages and deals Jet Setter and Expedia offer. But for you more adventurous (read: less hotel-oriented) types, Airbnb might have just the private oasis you seek. Some offering the preppy, pretty pink, green and white vibe we've come to know and love about Palm Beach itself. Here's a link for $20 off your first stay.

Now, back to that inspiring book I mentioned earlier. Palm Beach Chic takes you inside never seen before properties (as well as a few highly publicized icons) to showcase what chic Florida coastal living is all about. Beams of sunshine, a preference for happy colors, expansive arches and always an invitation to blur indoors and out. These are hallmarks of the luxe lifestyle that is Palm Beach. If you can't board a jet or venture out by car, this book will take you where you long to go without ever leaving the comfort of your cozy nest! 

{all images at top via Palm Beach Chic}