Art + Design: A Metallic Printing Wonderland Awaits at Minted...

Minted may not be new to the on-demand art scene, but their willingness to offer up personalized metallic prints and limited edition foil-pressed artwork is a recent addition. They will foil-press silhouettes of a child or pet and send it to you framed & fabulous. What a lovely gift idea for grandparents and happy fur baby parents everywhere! If you're looking for a very personal holiday gift with metallic luster or simply want to adorn your walls with gilded creative inspiration, Minted may very well be the place to go. 

I recently added a framed version of Andrew McClintock's Golden Gait and Carrie O'Neill's Reach to my gallery. Not only did these beauties arrived lovingly packed, they each came with gallery backing, professional mounting hardware attached and a certificate of authenticity from the artists themselves. Beautiful presentation in shipping alone, and the real prize awaited inside. Each work is perfectly framed in the frame of your choice - I selected black to keep things modern, cohesive and versatile - and in a range of sizes. Some of the foil printed pieces are limited in scale, but if you're not bent of metallic finishes, you can certainly order that large-scale print you're crushing on. 

Me? I'm still loving the warmth from golden hues and shiny art. So I love their foil-pressed collection. I'll showcase a few favorites below. Did I mention they have ROSE gold as well? There's a pretty pink Eiffel Tower out there that could be yours. Note:  their Cyber Monday event is still going strong.  Receive 25% OFF all art & gifts and 20% off holiday cards with code CM2015 - but be forewarned, this offer ends TODAY! 


{Photos in this post are by yours truly, Franki Durbin}