Feeling Bookish: The Busy Girl's Secret to Lifelong Learning...

Ahhh, books. I used to read self-development books with a voracious appetite. These days I am too busy reading stories to my own little ones and devouring design books to dig into hardcover volumes that promise to shake my core and realign my life. What did I read once upon a time? beginning in junior high, every biography by a successful mogul I could get my hands on. Richard Branson, Lee Iacocca and others. As I grew into a woman I turned to a wide variety of health, beauty & wellness books for knowledge. And then there was the steady diet of strategy and self-actualization books I couldn't get enough of reading. Each blessed book got me one step closer to the idealized version of myself.

Well, that was single, child-free me. Married with little ones me is a bit book starved and the lack of informational nutrients flowing into my brain is beginning to wear on me. I crave knowledge. I thirst for books leading me to deeper fulfillment, greater enlightenment and a renewed sense of drive. And yet, the library books and Amazon delivered books go unread. It's time to put an end to this. 

As the months tick by I find my "wish list" of personal growth books getting longer. Reading in bed is not an option, as I read my girls to sleep and them promptly pass out myself. My solution? Audible. It began with a commitment to master Italian and develop conversational foreign language skills. Delighted by the prospect of knowledge-on-demand I downloaded the classic "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. A big fan of efficiency, my on-the-go approach to book consumption quickly became an obsession. 

Don't get me wrong, those of you with the time to curl up with a book should absolutely do so. I find that my nose is buried in interior magazines, style books and other design-related reading material a majority of the time. The idea of lying in bed listening to...well, anything, is a dreamy concept. The added advantage of taking in new information passively as I drive to Whole Foods or run errands in almost a guilty pleasure.  Some of these are books I have in hardcover form on my nightstand or elsewhere in my library, yet just can't find the dedicated time slot for reading these days. And fiction? I will likely need to wait until I swaying under a palm tree in near the equator before I indulge myself in such pleasurable reads. (confession: for those I'll get paperbacks which make window-seat reading a breeze while aboard those Virgin Air flights and can be easily gifted or donated upon completion. :) 

But for me, these non-fiction reads are ideally suited for listening to at night or in the car. Luckily my two mini-me's seem more than happy to practice "buongiorno" intermittently and learn how to think and grow rich from the comfort of the back seat. For that I am incredibly grateful. 

Want to see what titles I have on my early 2016 audio "reading" list? A few older classics, a few new-ish best-sellers and a few mind-expanding volumes. Here goes...


Are you a bookworm or a lifelong learner? If so, do you Kindle or use another digital format? I'd love to hear how you take in new information and what is on your "must read this year" list. Please feel invited share!