Essential Elements: Hunting the Elusive "Perfect but Pricey" Place Settings...

{image via  SMP // Pinterest }

{image via SMP // Pinterest}

I'm all for pulling out the finery on a regular basis. Why not sip your morning espresso in Wedgwood? Why not drink tap water from Waterford? Luxurious goods should not be left in the cabinet to gather dust, they should be used with enough frequency to create memories and, yes, occasionally get broken in the process. Why leave them in the dark all year only to pull them out on a stressful holiday? I say invest in the what you love and focus on obtaining the best you can afford.

Price causing you to wince? I understand, and I have solutions. A few tips: 

  • BE SELECTIVE: Spend time assessing what you REALLY want and then make a commitment to yourself to add this to your life. Don't need formal dinnerware? Perhaps that collection of Rosenthal dinnerware isn't the best use of your attention. Focus your attention on what suits your lifestyle. 
  • PACE YOURSELF: Add one place setting of your favorite formal china per month to your collection. In one short year you'll have service for twelve, which is a handsome collection by anyone's measure. 
  • PAY ATTENTION: Sales are our friend. Bookmark those items in your browser and watch for promotions, Friends & Family events or other discounts.
  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Reviews are God's gift to the novice researcher like myself! I love (or perhaps am a bit addicted to) seeking out reviews on products I'm interested in owning. While you won't always agree with the masses, you begin to recognize patterns in feedback and this will frequently prevent you from making poor investment choices. 

This week a few prized items are on sale at Macy's - at 25% off! It's a great opportunity to begin resetting my table with a dressier dinnerware solution. Here's what I'm really loving right now: Marchesa by Lenox Painted Camellia, the dreamiest of dreamy china patterns in my opinion. Gold flatware by the same brand and (true to form) I'm loving Waterford stemware. But this time I'm leaning towards a more modern, less fussy collection. See my selections below... 

What about you? What have you been holding off on obtaining? 25% off is a marvelous situation, especially for these incredible brands. I'd love to hear what luxe items you've been stalking! Here's the link to the sale. Use code FRIEND at checkout! 

Marchesa Painted Camellia Dinnerware // Marchesa by Lenox Imperial Caviar Flatware // Waterford Lismore Essence Stemware