Accoutrements: Luxurious Upgrades for Your Morning Coffee Ritual...

{Photo by yours truly,  Franki Durbin }

{Photo by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

Many, many times I've committed myself to nixing coffee from my personal health habits. And just as many times I've run full speed back to those steaming cups of espresso begging accept my apology. First it was a shift to specialty loose leaf teas, then I thought the much lauded matcha was the cure. Graciously it accepts my temporary change of heart and accepts me back with a warm embrace as though my temporary dalliance with its less caffeinated competitor never occurred. True love, indeed. Simply put, I love coffee. I genuinely do.

While Starbucks is where my loyalties lie when I am out and about, I fully credit my introduction to Nespresso for my exceptional at-home coffee life. In a few seconds I have an expertly crafted doppio greeting me with a smile. In less than a minute a cappuccino awaits. Latte lust? No problem, I'll have that ready in moments. And no, this post isn't sponsored, I genuinely adore my pretty little metallic pods of perfection and so do all who come to visit. 

While my little petite Pixie machine is adorable and sufficient, I recently discovered its more sophisticated cousin, the KitchenAid Nespresso countertop machine. With an impressive die-cast construction and top-of-the-line inner workings, this exceptional beauty has my heart aflutter. This magnificent crema-producing wonder promises coffee perfection for years to come. 

Santa, baby. If you're listening, this glorious contraption has been added to my list. Curious about my china pattern above? It's Ralph Lauren Hutchinson, and it happens to be on sale (as is the KitchenAid). Treat yourself to a supremely fabulous personal morning coffee ritual with a luxurious gold-rimmed leopard cup and saucer. You are marvelous and you are worth it. 


Ralph Lauren Hutchinson Gold-Rimmed China // KitchenAid Nespresso Machine

Curious about my personal Nespresso favorites? Roma and Rosabaya are always a the ready at Maison de Frances. However I've had a recent flirtation with their limited edition Ciocco Ginger is sublime. The fullness of chocolate with a spicy hint of ginger make this a very lively morning beverage.