Buon Weekend: Make It Beautiful, Make It Count...

This was a week of major hustle. Thanks to a fresh dose of "life is too short" inspiration I've taken great strides to live each day with a make it count mentality. This means actively pursuing every dream I harbour, every goal I possess and every passion I hold in my heart. 

The results of living an "all in" life cannot be disputed. I've checked off more lingering tasks on my accomplishment list than you could imagine. I've laughed more, seen more people, had deeper conversations and strengthened many emotional bonds with friends and family.

Why do I share this? Because the concept of being "all in" was a simple one that crystalized much of my thinking for 2014. Moving forward it has allowed me to focus only on those things which are truly key for my life. It causes you to be more selective of your investment of time (a finite resource) and energy (an easily extinguished resource). Being "all in" means giving fully and freely to those people and activities and interests you hold dear. It means turning down the volume on distractions. It means living with more passion and far more purpose. 

Done consistently, being "all in" results in a fulfilling experience dotted with productive days and memorable moments. As a creator (to borrow from Jonathan Adler who calls himself a "maker") it means I'm designing and creating almost every day. It translates into inspired Ideas that become beautiful results. Being "all in" means being a "doer" not a dreamer. It it the opposite of hesitation and self doubt. Being "all in" means you act upon your inspired thoughts and nudges from the heart Without hesitation. You listen to that still small voice that guides you and you leave no room for doubt. It means living a more tapped in existence. It is a beautiful thing. 

What about you. Are you all in? I promise... life is far more fun this way! On that note, I can't wait to share with you some of the creative projects I've been working on of late. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 


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