Trendspotting: Birds of a Feather...

Ask any chinoiserie fan and they'll assure you that birds are never, ever out of vogue. But look around at the moment and you'll see that our feathered friends have flown far beyond the de Gournay wallpaper and landed in every room of the home - including the closet. For these with an affinity for decor and fashion with an avian influence it's a welcome trend indeed. 

Birds are unique in their near universal appeal. Their forms are lyrical in nature and add undeniable femininity to any setting in which they are placed. Their delicate forms and whimsical nature lend themselves to elegant patterns and glamorous little unexpected flourishes.


So... how do you migrate these fine feathered creatures from adorning your walls (their usual haunt) to less common applications? If you look around you, the answer already exists. From flared skirts to imaginative candleholders, I've rounded up a few of my favorite fluttering finds. I trust you'll enjoy the colorful yet chic impact these chirping creatures are adding to home decor and your fashion repertoire. But brace yourself: each of these charming applications will be the start of much "where did you get that" chatter setting your ego aflutter. Hopefully you'll be singing praises of your fabulously feathered discoveries and chirping it up to all who inquire. It's only fair, after all.