What to Wear: Easter Sunday...

Oh, Easter. It sneaks up on me every year much like spring. It's cold & dreary for weeks on end and then suddenly *boom!* tulips are in bloom and the season of pretty pastels and decorated eggs is upon us. So now the question of what to wear. 

As fashion loving women we wake up with two choices every day: to start with the shoes or not. Some days it's all about those pretty pink pumps. Other days the look begins with my outfit. Easter, mind you, is the perfect opportunity to sport pretty lace or eyelet dresses, floral heels or even bubble gum pink peep-toe patent pumps. The world is literally your oyster and you've been given a temporary hall pass to dress as sweetly as you like. It's your brunch-going duty, in fact to look girly and represent the season. With that, here are a few of my favorite pieces (and beauty counter extras) to ring in the season of bouquets with blooming aplomb. 


Whether you begin with fab footwear or a dress you've been eager to wear, you'll appreciate that all of the dresses above are less than $200. For me it's all about investing in top quality accessories but saving where possible on less frequently worn pieces. Shoes should be the best money can buy. Handbags, it goes without saying, are investment pieces. But dresses can be loads of fun and don't have to break the bank.

Happy Spring to everyone. May your season be filled with flowers and fun!