Coveted Pieces: The Feminine Trench...

The iconic trench has never been uncool, but this beautiful top layer is enjoying somewhat of a Renaissance at the moment. Lace, floral, belted, leather piped... anything goes with this outfit-making layer. 


Will you go loose and languid or stick to tradition with a Burberry style belted khaki creation? The world is your oyster this season, as designers are pulling out all the stops on this lightweight coat guaranteed to make you look polished and feminine. My only suggestion is to try them on and make sure it feels fabulous before even looking in the mirror. Petite girls like myself should opt for belted varieties and focus on where the hem hits. I like mine lightweight and fitted, but if you're a London or NY girl a trench that offers more of a barrier from the elements might serve you best. Invest in the very best you can and don't settle for less. xoxo