Objects of Desire: A Glamorous Punch of Color for My Desk

My eyes are suddenly ravenous for color. Bold, bright, unapologetic color. Happy color. The starting point was the discovery of a certain Christian Lacroix journal I spied at Neiman Marcus a day or so ago. From that moment I have been mentally assembling the other bold elements which need to play a role in what promises to be a colorful home office moment. 

I'm also blaming all of these amazing spring blooms (peonies are off the hook this season!) for my sudden need for an explosion of pink inside my house. It's a welcome shift from my usual cream & gold mix, and I love the idea of my interior color story being a moving, evolving creation.

So... what am I loving? Let me share...

Now you can see why that notebook held such power for me. The rest of these goodies will all play a role in my home office refresh. I've even considering adding a single wall of wallpaper to the mix. I've got my eyes on Speckled in Black from Chasing Paper and the "everyone has it but I still want one anyway" hair on hide zebra rug.  

So... what about you? Do you feel the urge for boldness in your desk area? A "life lift" that can be yours for the cost of a mere hardbound designer journal? If so, I hope you'll feel inspired to add a burst of energizing color to your home work area. Even if your "office" is a tiny bit of kitchen counter space (no shame in your game, right?), you deserve to feel pretty and powerful when handling your business. May the injection of happy hues bring light and love into your life. xoxo