Coveted Pieces: Stepping Up Your Sleepwear Game...

This is one area where i feel even the best of us falter: sleepwear. Let's face it - almost no one sees us in our jammies and this category of fashion essentials often falls to the bottom of the investment priority list.

Whether you're the t-shirt type or you're rocking a delicate silk negligee, there's likely some room for improvement in your nighttime wardrobe situation. I shall raise my hand high as a candidate that needs a major sartorial sleepy-time upgrade. I tend to favor the same look and would benefit from adding a wider variety of looks. And frankly, sometimes letting go is great to make room for new floral prettiness in this arena.

Favorite brands? Eberjey is absolutely a favorite. It's a "girl's girl" kind of brand with sleepwear that is feminine and girly but not impractical. I LOVE this brand above most others, but Anthropologie has one or two other lines that are hard to resist. I'm also a fan of chest support, it's just more comfortable. So fitted camis and chemises with at least some definition up top are the way to go. 

With that, let's see what's available to bring home so I can toss out my over-loved black cami & pants combo and add a little feminine glamour back into my dream state. 


Interested in a better night of sleep? Me too, sister! I was fortunate enough to ask linen expert Felicia Marquie, owner of Lucky Den, a few questions. Earlier this week she offered her insights on building the perfect bed top situation (think: luxurious sheets & cozy comforters) in my in-depth interview. I hope it will encourage you to focus more on the importance of sleep and bedtime rituals. Never underestimate the power of beauty sleep! The word beauty in the name says it all!