Wardrobe Management: Why You Need To KonMari It All...

Seriously. Aren't you tired of that overstuffed closet filled with "so-so" pieces of clothing? You are. I know you are. I'm sick of mine too. And while the litmus test "would I buy this today if I were shopping?" was good for a time, today I'm loving the much more challenging KonMari method.  

Marie Kondo's basic premise it to ask of each item in your possession this simple (yet profound) question: Does it bring you joy? Ooooh. That's a different question entirely, and the answer is a resounding "no" most of the time. This is an editing program I can fully get behind and finally dissect my wardrobe with purpose. 

Most of the images above are from the portfolio of Lisa Adams, LA's premier closet designer and the secret weapon behind many of those celebrity closets you fawn over on Pinterest. I admit to being a huge fan of her and her work. Not familiar? Watch this episode of Million Dollar Closets and consider yourself motivated to KonMari almost everything you own: