Luxe Accommodations: Securing Some Alone Time In Sicily...

When someone asks you to fly to Sicily, you don't take long to say yes. Instead, you promptly thank them for their graciousness and begin plotting outfits and pulling out your TSA-friendly toiletries. In addition to checking another destination off my list, it is Italy - my happy place! I'll be traveling alone and I cannot think of a time in my life when I've been more excited about flying solo (literally & figuratively). Hectic schedule? Daily routine? Workout rut? Buh-bye! Armed with my camera, a few dresses and little more, I'm excited about making this a carry-on only trip. 

Where to stay? I'm looking at all options, but have stumbled upon what looks like paradise. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo has hosted such lovely ladies as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. The hotel is nestled in a stunning hillside overlooking an ancient Greek theatre and oozes Sicilian charm. One look at that view & those suites and it's not difficult to see why. A wellness center, locally grown fruits, the essence of orange blossom drifting through the air - this is one vacation I'm really looking forward to. 

So... why am I going? It's a work trip, actually, for a fun new client. More on that later. And since this isn't exactly a business hotel I'll be trying to work out the accommodations on my own. BUT... since I am desperate DES-PER-ATE for some "me time" it would be worth the cost if Im footing the bill on my own. Did I mention there will be fresh flowers and fresh fruit in my room upon arrival? Major swoon. And can't you just see me on that balcony overlooking the water, dreaming up lovely ideas? I certainly can. And you can bet I'll be instagramming my little heart out. But I'm also very, very committed to a not checking my bags. It's a fast trip, so a carry-on sounds like sheer heaven. And that pool? I have got to squeeze in a quick dip in that lovely situation. Dreamy, indeed. 

Care to see what I'm hoping to stuff in a my bag? Let's look: