Wardrobe Management: The Completely Curated Closet...

Well, I did it. Firmly belted into my seat on a quick flight to visit family I sat down and listed out my ideal wardrobe. It comes as no surprise to me that the end result is a strict mix of black, white, leopard and pink. Why stick from tried and true favorites, right? What did amaze me, however, is how few of these items I already have in my closet. This simple method demonstrated to me how radically I need to switch up what's in my wardrobe - and how many things I'm about to sell off. 

My process? Informal as it was, here's the way I did it... in a fresh Jordi Labanda notebook I wrote, rewrote and rewrote the pieces I would purchase today if I owned not one bit of clothing. More importantly, I imagines I had no clothing to my name and needed to build the perfect wardrobe from scratch. In other words - skip the "what should I keep" thinking and shift over to "what would I bring into my life right now? 

Triggering this is that we are presently rebuilding our master closet. The result will be a glamorous white space with (you guessed it) chandelier overhead and tufted round seat below. The design is complex or terribly costly, but it is stunning. So much so that it deserves consideration as to what should be housed there. 

Thus the "completely curated closet" concept was born. So streamlined and versatile is this "foundation" that I can't wait to return home to sell off pretty much every stitch of clothing I own. 

Above is my quickly hashed out list. A few notes: jackets are an obsession of mine. Milly, Nanette Lepore, Rebecca and others make phenomenal feminine jackets I can't get enough of. My "wild card" line above accommodates that passion (and allows for wiggle room in inventory). I go into much more detail on that in this post

Shoes listed above are shoes I see as the "basis" for a solid footwear wardrobe. I have plenty of pretty wedges I'll keep, but it's time to add in some of these more dressy "essentials" and invest in top quality. These are long-term investments and you'll see nary a trend on this list.

Handbags: I have a collection I'm very privately proud of. I'll be adding to it (I'm showing a few specific future acquisitions below) but if you were only making three handbag purchases, these would be the three I would invest in personally. A golden straw summer tote needs to be added to the mix as well if we're calling it a comprehensive collection. 


Apparel (other than those jackets) I'm honestly ready to say adios to all I own in terms of tops & pants and the like. The closet redesign and the idea of what to place BACK into the new space is the conceptual shift necessary to pack them up and ship them out to new owners. Buh-bye to many longstanding "friends" in my closet who might enjoy the company of someone new. 

Now... the most DIFFICULT part. Finding those basics. I've honestly been on the hunt for the perfect tee for a few years. I had mine pinned down but the brand no longer makes them. It turns out Chico's (where I've admittedly never shopped) has a killer black tee that fits the bill (the bill being: scoopneck, synthetic stretch, non-cotton). 


I'll keep you posted as I progress But rest assured, once we touch back down in Dallas it's a fast & furious plan to sell it all to fund (or more realistically: offset the cost of) the new. Also, I realize my list hashed out at 30,000 feet might have a few holes. I'm sure I'll discover those and see to it to fill them. That said, you should know that it is my dream to have only a few sparse garments hanging in the closet and the rest of the space filled with stunning accessories. There's so much joy to be had in a plain white fitted tee, jeans and a black jacket accented with killer accessories. Call it my "uniform" and it might even seem uninspired to you - but to me this is heaven in a closet. A handful of well-chosen pieces I absolutely adore just waiting to come out at play. It's my look, my go-to style and I'm definitely owning up to my minimalist wardrobe cravings. 

As I hunt for these surprisingly elusive timeless basics I'll share them. I'm super excited to share the entire journey with you. Happy Sunday, everyone!