Art & Design: Discovering Cristina Alonso's Elegant Illustrations...

Instagram is by far my favorite way to discover talented creatives. If you speak the language of visual beauty, flipping through stunning images as you fall asleep is about as close to meditation as you can get. The only downside (aside from lost beauty sleep)? Hoping you remember the gems you uncovered when you wake up. Fortunately for you and I Cristina Alonso's fashion illustrations were so unforgettable that I couldn't wait to share them with you.

While they gushing with a sexy modern vibe, there's a bit of Patrick Nagel's stylistic influence in her work. Remember him from that memorable Rio cover? Google it and you'll have to agree. But unlike Nagel's more minimalistic work, Christina's look goes further into the glamour zone. Her designs are lush, multi-dimensional and supremely feminine. I love her Peonies & Coco print the most (featured above). What a simple yet stunning piece to frame and feature over a desk or vanity. Girly and gorgeous, as I suspect Christina herself must be. 

If you're loving her pretty illustrations as I am, pop over to her online boutique and have a peek. Lots of glamorous pieces to enjoy. Want more? Instagram is the way to go. She offers sneak peeks of her process and works that have not yet hit her site. Suffice it to say she is mad talented, my friends. I know you'll appreciate gazing at the work of a passionate and quite talented artist. You. Are. Welcome. ;)