Shopping: Pink With a Purpose...

When is a new lipstick more than just a new lipstick? When a portion of the purchase price is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a cause near and dear to my heart. Many of the lovely women in my family have been affected by the disease and (hands up to God) these strong women are still causing a stir today living healthy lives. Survivors. 

While awareness month doesn't officially begin until October, it's already on my mind.What I like about the BCRF products are that they are gorgeous and covetable with or without having a visible relationship to the foundation. Like the women themselves, these items are not defined by their contribution to the cure - they are appreciated for the spectacular creations that they are.

Estee Lauder, the driving force behind the BCRF always offers stunning products and exclusive goodies raising awareness and charitable contributions in the most elegant way. But they are far from the only brand out there waving their pink flag. Also on my radar are Ann Taylor's gorgeous jewelry intros which allow the brand to donate a generous 50% of your purchase towards the cure. 

I've rounded up these and other stylish goods than can bring a smile to your face and help bring a cure to this beast of a disease. Giving directly to the charity is always applauded, but if you were on your way to purchase a new lip color, boxing gloves or a fabulous new candle, why not do it in a way that gives back? Chic goods that give to finding a cure are always a welcome addition to a shopping list. Here's to the undeniable power of pink!