Feeling Bookish: Oui, Oui! Paris by Ladurée, the City Guide...

If you've ever wanted to escape from it all and do Paris the right way (hello... all of us!), this lovely little guide book is precisely what you've been craving. Packaged in pretty pink letters, a hint of gold and containing sweet Parisian goodness inside, the Paris by Laduree City Guide is a veritable readable macaron. From where to shop to how to find that authentic French antique Empire chandelier you know is out there somewhere, this paperback is filled with delicious goodness. Pick it up as soon as you can, and book that ticket shortly after. Paris is calling and sweet experiences such as this should never be delayed.

Glued to your desk? Not to worry, I have your virtual Parisian cafe moment below. Pretty macarons, decadent coffee in a gorgeous cup and classic French style. So very soigné.