Foundations: Flared Pants & the Curated Closet...

{images via  Diego Zuko }

{images via Diego Zuko}

By now it's long overstated that we (the collective we) adore the insouciance of our French counterparts, gifted with making the simplest outfit radiate confidence and genuinely effortless style. Drawing upon Paris Fashion Week for inspiration, I've rounded up a handful of items every wardrobe should possess: feminine blouses, incredible shoes, beautiful bags and terrific top layers. These five pieces all but guarantee your everyday fall/winter look exudes European sophistication and model-off-duty cool.

Today's topic of discussion? Pants. The specific challenge we must ask of ourselves? Do these flared hemlines make the cut in the completely curated closet? I've thought long and hard about this. I've enjoyed the parade of fabulous looks during Fashion Month. And I admit I adore the look

While skinny jeans and jeggings still hold their coveted place in your closet, the idea of pants with a bit of movement is wildly appealing right now. The carefree "oh, this old thing?" look is more believable when your pants have a sensual flow to them. A bit of movement. A fluidity. Smart investment. Eternal style. Of the moment energy. A little bit of ankle showing makes these fun to pair with pretty shoes too.


The cropped silhouette allows for almost ANY shoe to look brilliant when worn with these kicky pants. Stilettos, boots, chunky heels, loafers, ballet slippers - they all play well together. Ultimately it's about the statement you're trying to make and the vibe you strive to exude.


Stick to denim or black pants to give these fun pieces more timeless appeal. I've noticed that my black items and my jeans almost ALL make the cut even during a super deep closet edit. Bonus points for black denim - the best of both worlds! Raw edge looks are having a glorious "moment" but veer towards the trendy side. Still, I adore them and you can cleverly have a tailor hem them up once the "moment" passes.