Gift Guide: My Personal Holiday Wish List...


My husband finds the practice appalling, but for as long as I can remember I've given myself dreamy Christmas gifts. It's so practical and self-explanatory in my opinion. Why place the pressure on others to give you exactly what you want when... well, when you yourself know exactly what you want! When you play the role of gift-giver to yourself, you eliminate the typical hiccups of the tradition. There's no need to exchange for a different size, no undue stress about color choice, no unsure purchases. Thus, I feel no shame in sharing this annual ritual with you and perhaps encouraging you to begin (or continue) your own similar custom.

If you've seen my gift guides you will have seen many items I adore. Below I'm sharing my top five "wants" which perhaps will become your coveted acquisitions as well. Happy wish list making, everyone!





                                    Also available  here  &  here

                                    Also available here & here


The best part? Four out of five of the items (that would be everything except the Lumee) are via Net-a-Porter which ships for free via UPS and (and here's the lovely part) each item arrives wrapped in a elegant black box with black and white grosgrain ribbon and a gift card. Free of charge. If you're going to treat yourself, really treat yourself, right?