Boutiquing: Dipping into Eco-Friendly Oeuf NYC...

{swim images via  OeufNYC  // nursery images via  babycubby  //  Shoptadpole  //  Project Nursery }

{swim images via OeufNYC // nursery images via babycubby // Shoptadpole // Project Nursery}

Sometimes a girl just needs a warm modern option, doesn't she? The word warm is key here. While sleek modernity is everywhere you look, often the austere style is created at the expense of developing an inherent human connection to the aesthetic. Thankfully there are brands out there with a softer spin on modern, 

Oeuf is one such brand that continues to get on my radar thanks to their cozy spin on modern fashion and furnishings. Whereas some brands lean too stark, Oeuf maintains a sophisticated spin on minimalist Swedish style. The family-founded business was created on the belief that one need not compromise quality or ethics for the sake of style. The result of their commitment to responsibly designed fashion and furniture is a collection of eco-friendly products that look neither retro nor futuristic.but perfectly timeless. Those streamlined silhouettes have a classic appeal that could play perfectly with any existing design style. 

Above I'm showing new pix from their upcoming swim collection as well as a few pretty nursery images. As with all intelligently designed products, Oeuf isn't locked into the baby stage. The furnishings & decor are designed to grow with your family, allowing a dresser or bookcase to flow from one room to another. And those swim pieces? Adorable! Don't miss these and other great selections from Oeuf NYC.