Coveted Pieces: The Perfect Lucite Bar Cart...

I've talked about the quest (and rationale) for owning a bar cart. Today I'm sharing what I believe to be the best of the new entries into the market. Source? Anthropologie, a growing force in the world of amazing interior design goodness. Here's what I love about the Oscarine Bar Cart:

  • Hello, Lucite! Those legs are made from the dreamy clear material, not acrylic. There's genuine value here in terms of quality. 
  • It has a brass finish, which I adore for its warmth and luster. 
  • The shelves are made from glass - not the aforementioned Lucite - making them less prone to scratching. Combined, the two lend the piece its lighter-than-air vibe. 
  • Did I mention it has casters? Movable goodness. 

I am gaga over those clean lines on this piece. So many bar carts are fussy and over-designed. This one strikes me as extremely classic while also being wildly appealing. A tough act to follow.  My spin? I think this would make a stunning display for books and art supplies in my office. The transparency allows it to essentially float in what is a rather small footprint and still possess major style power. Form & function collide beautifully. 

Whatever your use for this brass + Lucite beauty (and I have quite a few suggestions), it is certain to be a stunning addition to your home.Thank you, Anthro! Grab yours here