Beauty: Junetics Demonstrates that Energized Skin is Gorgeous Skin...

{All photographs in this post are property of & taken by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{All photographs in this post are property of & taken by yours truly, Franki Durbin}

{Disclaimer: these products were offered to me free of charge to sample. I am not affiliated with Junetics nor do I make a commission or any revenue from the sale of their products nor from this post. All opinions and photographs are my own.}

By now you know I LOVE, love, love skin care. My brand loyalty is legendary and tends to keep me from veering too far into unknown territory, but an email discussing "energized skin" grabbed my attention. A few conversations and as many days later I was opening a package containing a smartly packed trio of products that promised hydrated, invigorated skin. 

Junetics (a brand I had never heard nor seen mention of before) is build around the premise of leveraging you skin's own cellular communication system to treat the visible signs of aging. What are those, you ask? Lackluster color, uneven texture, enlarged pores, dryness, fine lines and lack of that coveted "bounce" we all desire. 

Harnessing skin’s most powerful age-defying secret, Junetics’ revolutionary E24 Complex works day and night to boost cellular energy and cell–to-cell communication deep within skin, combating life’s aging aggressors to help restore the appearance of more youthful, ageless skin.
— Junetics website

What are my specific concerns? My combination skin has a tendency to enjoy bouts of dryness, uneven tone / texture and I harbor a deep desire for that pretty "bounce" in my cheeks. I have been dutifully trying their simple system consisting of a Day Serum, Night Cream & Eye Cream for about 10 days. Confession is due here: I didn't use it as directed. My skin is thirty, really thirsty. Dallas offers an arid climate that quickly dries out my complexion. So for me, the day serum wasn't enough. Twice daily I applied the serum followed by (or mixed with) the night cream. The resulting combo delivered the dewiness I love and the calming feeling of quenching dry areas. The eye cream even comes with cooling roller balls that stimulate the delicate eye area upon application. I was not as diligent with its use as the other two products, as it's just how my week has been. But the serum & moisturizer are truly standout products in my opinion. 

The result? Much to my surprise, today after hot yoga without a stitch of makeup on I discovered my skin was... radiant. Not just evenly toned, but dewy and hydrated. Yes, I've been upping my water intake and yes, hot yoga does deliver an afterglow, but this skin was good skin. Really good skin. Since I have completely replaced all serums and moisturizers for the past week or so with the Junetics trio I feel safe in my belief that the restored hydration can be credited to the treatments.  

Looking at the science behind it I can see why this hydration and prettily plumped appearance is visible: the powerful duo of Hyaluronic Acid & Silicium help shuttle water into the cells giving you that pretty runway model skin. Loving it! I also appreciate that there are no parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, nitrosamine, phthalates, triclosan, synthetic color, sulfates, animal derived ingredients or unsafe substances. And... no animal testing. High marks all around for effective ingredients and responsible manufacturing processes. 

Here are some highlights from the brand's web site: 



Here's a link to their site for more info. The Introductory kit is definitely dew inducing! Much thanks to the team at Junetics for the opportunity to experience your lovely products. My (now quite happy & dewy) skin appreciates it!