Loving: Monoque Lhuillier's Dreamy Collection for PBKids...

When I heard about an upcoming collaboration between bridal designer Monique Lhuillier and Pottery Barn Kids was intrigued. Would she be able to deliver those dressmaker details to the retail giant? Would the supreme quality of her celebrity-adored collections come through in the child-centric designs. And, possibly most importantly, would there be dresses?!? The answer it seems is a firm yes. 

The collection launched last week but I waited a few days to craft this post. My standards for childrens' collections is very high and the selection on the market is still quite small. There are few options out there, RH Baby & Child being my favorite amongst the retail offerings. Monique has somehow designed a beautiful collection that not only lives up to my expectations, it does so at prices we can all enjoy. 

If you've read about my nursery design before you know that I believe these spaces should not be out of step with the rest of your home. Tasteful, elegant and bright are words I would use to describe my style. Subtle colors, soft fabrics and glamorous touches are hallmarks of my design - not qualities some think of when it comes to spaces for children. On this it's clear Monique and I agree. And frankly, she's stepping firmly into RHB&C territory in the most dreamy and ethereal way. 

Let's dish on a few of my favorite pieces from the collaboration



While bold graphic rugs will always have their place, I value subtlety & soft shades in m floor coverings. Monique's rugs truly foot the bill with soothing hues of of blue and blush in soft wool. Details here >>



Not dresses, but marvelously designed tutus in soft shades of blush, seafoam and latte let your little dreamer imagine herself as queen of her own kingdom. Pro tip: I would put money on the emergence of dresses & Halloween costumes in the future. Details here >>


This thoughtful piece is gorgeous over a daybed, crib or traditional bed frame. I love the idea of a royal vibe without the full commitment of a canopy bed. Add in Lhuillier's ethereal tulle in the most delicate blush pink and you've won me over. Smashing. Details here >> 



What they've labeled an ottoman is clearly a curule, a chair design hailing from the height of ancient Rome, a perch upon which rulers proudly sat. This elegant piece will suit any room of your palace. Details here >>


It's simple. ML has done for children what Mary McDonald has done for the rest of us. Simply put, this incredible canopy bed is not just for little ones. Turn your guest bedroom into a luxurious haven with this one simple focal point. Pieces available individually as well. Details here >>

I've barely touched upon the expanse of this large introductory collection. Lamps, chandeliers, bedding, dressers, chairs and desks... there are many pieces to be seen and appreciated. All with Monique's signature feminine flourish. It's a good time to be a girl, isn't it? Visit Pottery Barn Kids for more of what I hope is just the beginning of their partnership with the divine Mrs. Lhuillier.