Feeling Bookish: Luxuriate in Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Latest Design Book...

Oh, Martyn. A designer who doesn't so anything - anything - halfway. His bold decorating style, his dapper mode of dress, his larger than life personality - these almost pale in comparison to how much he commits to his books.

My collection of the million dollar designer books is steadily growing, and with Martyn Lawrence Bullard: Design and Decoration I can truly appreciate how willing he is to open the cabinet of curiosities containing his many well-earned professional secrets to those of us willing to study them. Much of this confidence stems from the obvious fact that his signature style is inimitable. Given the same clients, budget, time and space we would simply not produce that eye-popping Bullard look. Thus in this volume he freely shares details on his conceptual process and insights that take his spaces beyond the invisible boundaries that most of us dance within.

I loved this book. I hope you'll add a copy of it to your library and consider giving it to a few design-loving friends. It's thoughtfully written with heartfelt passages and personal stories. The imagery is rich and genuinely inspiring - much like the designer himself. Martyn never disappoints!