Feeling Bookish: Fashionable Books For The Stylish Crowd...

You may have surmised I'm a bit of a book lover, with tomes of travel and chic interiors leading the pack on categories I adore. As Instagram followers might know, I've snapped up a few lovely titles over the past few months and haven't stopped to share them on the blog. Here are a few great books you may want to explore if you're on the quest for something dreamy to pair with your coffee.

You may notice a Parisian theme here. This was not intentional. But it goes without saying that any book by Celebrity model Inès de la Fressange is worth exploring. Hence the quick acquisition of the Parisian Chic City Guide to accompany my dog-eared copy of the now classic Parisian Chic. Craving more I snapped up Bright Lights Paris which dives deeper into an American's interpretation of the various modes of Parisian dress. If skinny black jeans and ballet flats don't float your boat, the Paris abodes featured in A Home in Paris will drive home the idea that our French-speaking counterparts have the upper hand on style in every aspect of their lives.

Moving a bit further south, we delve into Italian Glamour which serves up big names like Pucci and lesser famous (but not less talented) designers from the boot-shaped country. This beautiful book is for the true fashion lover looking to explore archival fashion moments in Italian history.

Speaking of fashion (and we were), imagine if you could travel back in time and listen in on bits of cocktail party conversations with Chanel, Dior, McQueen and others. What would they say? What insights and observations on life, travel, style and living would they offer? Couture Confessions gives you the opportunity to be a fly on the proverbial wall as iconic couturiers are captured in their own words offering up juicy bits of though provoking conversations.