Feeling Bookish: A Fresh Look at The Iconic Cindy Crawford...

I consider myself well-versed on supermodels. From today's Gigi Hadid to the memorable Evangelista, Iman, Christy era, I'm a fashionista to the core and adore the evolution of the modeling world.

Knowing this I expected Becoming by Cindy Crawford to feel more like a step back in time to celebrate the divine Ms. Crawford's more memorable photo shoots. What I received instead was a serious education on the Cindy I never knew.

The photos - AMAZING. Really amazing. Many shoots were so radical I could hardly believe it was Cindy's eyes looking back at me. Bold, brazen poses as only a supermodel could serve up. And her confidence - sizzling.  The backstory on how she "became" the model of the moment (and has maintained her space in the spotlight in creative new ways) was even more amazing. I loved this so much I sent a copy to my mom for Mother's Day so we could both think back to those pre-Kaia days.

The Kendalls and Haileys of today are almost overexposed thanks to their high flying social media profiles. Yet Cindy's behind-the-scenes story is largely her own to tell. In Becoming she does tell it beautifully and invites us backstage to sand-covered photo shoots and high-fashion scenes.

Curious to know Kaia's thoughts on being the child of one of the world's most beautiful women? It can't be easy, right? Fortunately, WhoWhatWear sat down with the up-and-coming model - a near twin to her mom - to reveal her thoughts.

If you're a fan of Cindy's, this beautiful book is gift-worthy and makes a spectacular present for anyone. Including yourself. Find yours at Net-a-Porter.